On World Water Day: 15 initiatives of the EPM Group to take care of the vital fluid

In the environmental dimension of the Mega of the EPM Group, by 2025, the protection of 137,000 hectares in hydrographic basins supplying the reservoirs will be contributed.

Thinking about the generations of today and tomorrow, the EPM Group takes care of water from its source with the protection of 53,000 hectares of its own forests, which will increase to 137,000 hectares by 2025 in the river basins that supply its systems and reservoirs .

This environmental commitment, which in many cases is accompanied by other entities, is materialized in forest conservation, restoration and reforestation, sustainable practices and uses, compensation and new areas of protection.

Ensuring water care so that the community can enjoy it day by day and transform small moments of everyday life, such as having a coffee or taking a hot shower after a hard day at work, at great times, is the contribution of the EPM Group to the quality of life of its customers and users.

Having water requires taking care of it. Among the initiatives led by the EPM Group are:

  1. With the Mayor’s Office of Medellín: United for Water
    In addition to improving the quality of life of 40,200 families in Medellín with the expansion of coverage and access to water and sewage services, the United for Water program, which is led by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín together with EPM, EDU and ISVIMED, It also seeks to build a culture of good management of this resource that guarantees a future with water for the whole society. To celebrate World Water Day, this week they take three pedagogical shots in communes 1, 8 and 13 that seek through play and recreation, incentivize responsible habits in children and adolescents against the proper use of the water resource.
  2. More oxygen for the river
    With an investment close to USD1,000 million, EPM has worked for about 50 years to decontaminate the Aburrá-Medellín river and its tributaries with a comprehensive sanitation management, allowing much of the city’s dynamics to be carried out in tributary nearby.

3.For our streams
In its commitment to the care of the environment and the well-being of the community, EPM advances the protection of 15 river basins that are tributaries of the Aburrá-Medellín river, located in the municipalities of Medellín, Bello, Copacabana and Girardota, with an investment that amounts to $ 756,000 million
4.Water protection
The EPM Group advances in the protection of the water resource in the watersheds of Porce (Riogrande, Río Aburrá, Porce-Alto Nechí), Nare (La Fe and Río Negro-Nare), Cauca (areas of influence of the Ituango Project), Chinchiná , those of the area of ​​influence of the subsidiary Aguas Regionales in Urabá (Río Turbo and La Cristalina), among others, contributing to the protection of 29,389 hectares.

5.Integral Management of Water Resources and Biodiversity
We signed agreements with the Regional Autonomous Corporations Corantioquia, Cornare, Corpocaldas, Corpourabá, Carder and some municipalities, for the protection of hydrographic basins that supply reservoirs and systems of the EPM Group.

6.Care forests
With the BANCO2 program, the business group pays for environmental services to peasant families for the conservation of natural forests.

7.Public-private partnership
Public-private partnerships with the Cuencaverde Corporation, UNDP, Arví Park Corporation and other NGOs have allowed us to join forces in a common objective: the protection of water resources and biodiversity, through programs and initiatives for ecological restoration, ecotourism, sustainable and good productive projects Agri-environmental practices and citizen pedagogy for the care and good use of the resource.

8.Forest Promotion
Through this initiative, approximately two million seedlings are delivered each year to the communities and other organizations with which we have alliances for the protection of the river basins of interest. This plant material is mainly produced in EPM nurseries (Robledales in Piedras Blancas, Guayacanes in Porce and Guaduales in Playas).

9.We add territories
The regions where the EPM Group’s projects and operations are developed are located in different biogeographic areas and landscapes, from Mexico to northern Chile. These sites range from coastal and desert areas, to montane forests and moors, which contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, generate regional biological corridors and serve as a refuge for species of flora and fauna that are in different threat states .

10.Water for Education, Water Education
With a presence in five departments of the country and more than 79,000 beneficiaries, this program developed by the EPM Foundation makes it possible to bring drinking water to rural educational communities and raise awareness about the importance of caring for and making responsible use of water.

11.EPM Water Museum
This space located in the Barefoot Park of Medellín is dedicated to the knowledge of water in its different states. Through nine rooms, learning, interactivity and reflection on environmental care are encouraged. This year celebrates its six years by promoting a citizen culture that prioritizes its relationship with water.

12.Malambo Source of Life Fund
With this project, in which the EPM Group, Postobón, Pepsico and Watertech participate, formal access to the drinking water service of the urban population of the municipality of Malambo, in the department of Atlántico, is promoted through investment in infrastructure and a social management strategy

13 natural heritage
In partnership with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Center of Antioquia (Corantioquia) and the Afro communities, the EPM Foundation advances an environmental educational process, installs septic systems and contributes to the conservation of water as a natural heritage.

  1. Integral Management of Water Resources
    In agreement with the Government of Antioquia, the collection and preliminary analysis of the secondary information that the department has on issues of surface and underground water supply, demand and uses of water, quality, watershed management, planning and resource management are carried out water

15.Reduce pollution
Emvarias contributes to the care of water with innovations such as the Leachate Treatment Plant located in Pradera, with which the contaminating loads of the liquids resulting from solid waste are reduced to finally be discharged, in better conditions, to the water sources.

Did you know…

To provide an aqueduct service with continuity and quality, EPM has three large reservoirs in Antioquia (La Fe, Piedras Blancas and Riogrande II) and twelve water treatment plants, which supply homes and industries through the secondary distribution network, 115 Drinking water storage tanks located in the metropolitan area of ​​the Aburrá Valley and San Nicolás Valley. A work that adds to the development of the region, to the health and well-being of millions of people.

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