“Colombia needs a real and reliable source of gas that guarantees and supports the energy supply in the future,” Andeg

For the National Association of Generating Companies, Andeg, the project that would allow the start-up of a regasification plant in the Colombian Pacific becomes a strategic and first-order issue, given the possibility of the country facing a shortage of gas in the next five years.

The use of natural gas has grown close to 60 percent in the last decade in the country and according to the projections of the Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME), growth is expected to be close to 3 percent per year, based on the growth of the connected population and the increase in per capita consumption. Therefore, the commercial imbalance of gas in Colombia could occur between 2023 and 2028.

Therefore, for Andeg, having a regasification plant in the Pacific is a clear and concrete need that will allow thermo plants to ignore the logistics of generating with liquids, which is expensive and inefficient, in addition to contributing to the protection of the environment being a low pollutant alternative to the air.

“The Pacific regasification plant will provide energy reliability to entrepreneurs and stimulate the arrival of new investments, as it will reduce the risk of rationing and strengthen the quality of supply, by bringing fuel from international markets. With this, the country wins in competitiveness and productivity ”, explains Alejandro Castañeda, executive president of Andeg.

For the union, it is worrisome that the country does not have a reliable source for the coming years to guarantee the supply of gas permanently. In addition, today there is no clarity about the size of the off-shore gas fields or the viability of investments, which, on account of the problems with the communities, would take up to 10 years to enter into operation.

“As part of the discussion, it is essential that beyond weighing the sources of information that announce available figures and resources of gas in the country, such announcements can be materialized with concrete facts that guarantee the availability of fuel in the short and medium term . At this time, these guarantees can only be provided by an initiative such as the Pacific regasification plant, ”says Alejandro Castañeda, of Andeg.

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