The Premset solution is now produced in Colombia

The French company specializing in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric, has announced that the new modular cell production line with shielded solid insulation technology and vacuum cutting, known as Premset, is already in operation within its plant medium and low voltage in Colombia, located in Funza-Cundinamarca.

This new technology of Premset cells, 17.5kV, 1.250A and 25kA-3sec, is considered one of the greatest innovation developments in its field and has cutting-edge technology. These cells will provide a new way to design, install and operate medium voltage networks in the country, opening roads to higher levels of security, high reliability and ease of use in various applications and functionalities in smart grids.

With this new production line, energy management and automation contributes to the technological development of the region, with an innovative offer, technical expertise, optimized delivery times and accompaniment.

Another line is the Premset Live application, available in the Apple Store, which allows you to discover all aspects of this solution, including design and maintenance modules, through augmented reality tools that will contribute to the efficiency of the operators in charge of the systems daily.

A competitive energy service illuminates the country

The Superintendence of Public Home Services has recorded in its last two reports that the energy service provided by Codensa in Bogotá is one of the most competitive in the country. During the first three months of this year, the company has remained the second company with the lowest kilowatt-hour rate and is considered the second energy provider with the best indicators of service quality in Colombia.

“These indicators are the result of a long-term strategy that is being developed in a consistent manner in the company, in order to improve more and more the indicators of service quality and efficiencies that are transferred to the tariff, through relevant investments , a timely preventive and corrective maintenance program, and an operation with important innovations in technical matters, ”said David Felipe Acosta, infrastructure and network manager at Codensa.

Regarding the quality of the service, the indicators are a clear example of the results obtained in the strategic plan that the company has been implementing, where important work has been carried out in recent years, such as the modernization and incorporation of cutting-edge technologies in the system of distribution, the intervention of critical circuits and the extension of the capacity of attention before the increasing electrical demand.

As of 2015, Codensa initiated the most robust investment plan recorded in the company’s history: about $ 1.1 billion that has been invested in order to improve service quality and implement cutting-edge technology in the distribution system.

All these investments and the improvement in their physical infrastructure have made the company have the second lowest indicator in Colombia regarding the number of failures perceived on average by each client (SAIFI). Codensa SAIFI during 2016 was only 14 interruptions, 72% below the country’s average.

To maintain and continue to improve these indicators, the company will continue to implement important investment plans in the preventive and corrective maintenance of its physical infrastructure, the expansion of its network and the efficient operation with technological innovation.

Kerui Petroleum presents a new ecosystem for the Oil & Gas industry

During the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), one of the largest offshore technology events in the world, held from May 1 to 4 in Houston, Texas (USA), Kerui Petroleum was presenting its progress. Kerui’s presence at the event focused on establishing conversations with energy companies that work in the field of hydrocarbon production. The event showed interest in the new Kerui ecosystem, an innovative and valuable approach for the oil, gas and energy industries.

In the exhibition, the company exhibited its seabed suspension systems, multi-phase fracture systems and FalconView wellheads, products in great demand in North America. During the conference, interested buyers had the opportunity to better understand the company’s products and services, through interactive virtual reality technology installed at the stand. The design and manufacturing of the WEFIC suspension system (MSW-I) meet API 6A, 17D and NACE standards, and can be used at depths of up to 150 meters and a pressure of up to 15,000 psi. The multi-purpose hermetic system can be safe and left unattended for periods of time, which offers buyers an optimal price-quality solution for maritime exploration of oil and gas and drilling equipment.

The ecosystem takes advantage of the benefits of interactivity offered by the internet at all stages of the production chain and creates a cross-border e-commerce platform for the oil equipment industry. Kerui International and the Victor International Institute of Petroleum Training, both part of Kerui Petroleum, have joined forces and reformulated the design to optimize the global oil equipment sector, establishing a service platform of human resources that covers the entire industry and a thinking team specialized in engineering and technology.

The ecosystem applies large data and cloud technology to oil and gas engineering technologies to develop an online trading platform for latent assets throughout the sector. It offers a comprehensive professional service in which idle capacity can be identified and used through a transaction with an interested party or in which the asset can be immediately negotiated with the party. The platform also includes a financial component that identifies access to financial resources and a mechanism to contact resource holders to meet investment and financial needs.

With the establishment of the new ecosystem for the oil, gas and energy industry, Kerui and its partners work together, respond in a timely manner to new developments in the sector, and achieve a beneficial relationship for all.

Germany’s Wacker Neuson joins Gecolsa’s portfolio of solutions

Caterpillar, Genie, Metso, Shwing, Towmotor, CARMIX and now Wacker Neuson are some of the brands that can be requested by customers of the energy mining sector in Colombia with Gecolsa.

The national company Gecolsa has become a commercial reference of infrastructure and progress in Colombia during the last nine decades, offering integral solutions to the industry; result, which among other things, is due to the support of the leading global brands in this sector.

The organization is in a constant process of innovation, and continues to participate in the expansion and construction of alliances of common interest as an authorized distributor of important brands. This is evidenced by his new affiliation with Wacker Neuson, a traditional German light machinery brand, with a presence in several countries in Europe and Asia, which joins this portfolio to be represented by General de Equipos de Colombia S.A. (Gecolsa). This was announced by the business leaders of companies in Latin America. Carlos Buelvas (Gecolsa) and Gladys Calderón (Wacker Neuson), within the framework of the brand welcome event, which was attended by leaders in this industry in the country such as the CTU (Urban Works Company), the Army National of Colombia, and Road Engineering, among others.

With this new alliance, a wide line of light and compact equipment (water pumps, lighting towers, etc.) will be made available to the oil and gas sector, products that complement the services offered so far. This society shows a different panorama to the one that had been driving in the organization, attending a market where small teams are relevant, complementing the experience with technical advice throughout the territory with authorized workshops.

As an authorized distributor of Caterpillar in Colombia for 90 years, Gecolsa has been present in the largest infrastructure projects in the country, providing equipment and solutions for construction, mining and power generation in the country.

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