With full success! The first Renewable Energy Forum was held in the city of Bogotá

Part of the agenda pointed to the need to boost and support Colombia’s growth as a leader in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy; work that will be done with the related guild and the new talents that are currently being created in the university’s houses of studies in the country

The first National Forum of Renewable Energies applied to the hydrocarbons sector was carried out as a platform to allow technical, regulatory and environmental dissertation, in which, the convening entities, the national oil industry and their professionals shared relevant information on the options, perspectives and Opportunities for renewable energy projects applied to the hydrocarbons sector in Colombia.

In this way, Colombia Energía was present, and learned part of strategies and success stories in the implementation of these projects in the country. Part of the presentations, and the discussions arranged on the agenda, were attended by experts and representatives of government entities, trade unions, academia, consulting firms and operating companies in the hydrocarbons and renewable energy sector.

The event, which took a whole morning where the protagonist was the energy sector in Colombia, offered joint and constructive dialogue scenarios, which made known the application of renewable energies in the hydrocarbons sector, in addition to showing the opportunities and needs that this venture requires to achieve the success of its implementation in the nation.

The world’s energy systems have become less affordable and distant from sustainability, from an environmental point of view. While access to energy has improved substantially, with fewer than one billion people now living without access to electricity, concerns about the affordability and equity of the energy transition are increasing. These are the results of the latest edition of the report on the Promotion of the effective energy transition of the World Economic Forum, which was published in the first quarter of this year in Geneva-Switzerland.

Meeting the goal of renewables will require investments of US $ 1.8 billion

Carlos Leal, president of ACIPET, expressed his future vision regarding renewable energy for the country, the challenges and the jobs that could be generated.
It was at the beginning of this Forum, that Leal assured that the scenario of the Colombian energy industry poses the challenge of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.
“In Latin America, Colombia is the leader, the Energy Transition Index (ETI) of the World Economic Forum puts the country in 34th place among the 115 countries that are part of this classification, above Canada, Mexico, Peru and Brazil, “said Leal.

The president of Acipet said that this transformation will boost the nation’s industrial development, and that “surely” it will take several decades for this plan to become a reality. In this regard, he said that to meet the goal of almost 10% of the energy matrix, investments of US $ 1.8 billion will be needed.
He added that regions such as La Guajira or Los Llanos are the scenarios for ideals for the generation of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. “We are aware that, a source for financing this type of energy is that generated by the hydrocarbon sector,” he concluded.

Link with the academic sector

A common point among the speakers of the Forum is the influence of universities and students on the route drawn by the energy advance. Each panelist expressed the need for the transformation of university programs with innovation.

To this end, they invited Acipet to support this work.
In this process, the role of petroleum engineering in the incorporation of renewable energies and symbiosis with the exploration and extraction of oil and gas is also key.

The energy union in Colombia has the tools and expertise to identify the competencies and skills should be part of the training of the new engineers that will attend the national energy sector.

Acipet, during the installation of this first forum, expressed the social responsibility that all professionals in the hydrocarbons sector handle as important actors for the development and responsible use of renewable energies and the country’s energy transition.

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