Campetrol: In 2020 there is an atmosphere of optimism for the Colombian industry

The engineer German Espinosa stressed that the national industry is in a positive moment of union relations, in addition to that it is an open space for dialogue between all the sectors involved

Bogotá, February 24, 2020.- In an interview for the program “Talking about Energy with Claudia Bedoya”, the engineer German Espinosa, executive president of Campetrol, said that the year 2019 marked the beginning of the revival of the Petroleum Industry and gas in Colombia, highlighting that “in the first months of 2020, there is a very positive optimism environment for investment in this sector.”

From the headquarters of Campetrol, located in the heart of Bogotá, the engineer Espinosa projected an optimistic year given to “the investment will be above $ 4,700,000, which, with the signing of the 31 contracts made at the end of 2019 , they mean around 2,700,000 million dollars, which is expected to translate into greater activity in seismic acquisition, such as drilling of exploratory wells. With these good signs, we begin an optimistic 2020 for the Industry ”.

Regarding the relationship activities of the oil and gas sector of the country, the president of Campetrol reminded the Oil Summit, held in the last quarter of last year; event that threw figures that exceeded expectations. “We had levels of technical conferences of more than 100 conferences, more than 4 thousand attendees. One of the big surprises was the business roundtables, we had business figures made for more than 25 million dollars, ” he said.

For Espinosa, Colombia’s industrial and oil scenario is open to dialogue and opportunities for improvement. “We have been championed the change in the relationship model of the Government-Industry sector with the Territory. Today we dialogue to progress, and it is possible to work together,” he said.

This interview can be extended by entering the channel “Talking about Energy with Claudia Bedoya” broadcast on YouTube. The space is conducted by Claudia Bedoya, winner of the Machín de Oro for her voluntary management in highlighting the work of women in the national energy industry.

The program produced by Intelecta Energy is dedicated to highlighting the energy industry with a human sense. “The human face of the industry is highlighted,” is part of the role of this space that can be followed from YouTube, where they will appreciate interviews with other figures in the national energy field.

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