The Energy Club started a trade networking cycle around the Circular Economy

With the assistance of about 130 people, the event served as a platform to gather and integrate different representatives of the sector that generates energy to the country

Bogotá, March 3, 2020.- Recently, in the city of Bogotá, the first 2020 edition of the Energy Club was held, with the presence of more than 130 attendees, an event that revolved around the theme of circular economy, as a method productive of the national company ATP Engineering; the words were given by the engineer and CEO of that company, Efraín Pérez.

Claudia Bedoya, CEO of Intelecta Energy, and organizer of the Energy Club, introduced the engineer Pérez, highlighting his position and career at the head of the company that arrived at his 25 years of services to the national and international oil field.

The circular economy focuses on leveraging all resources through reuse, repair or recycling; The circular model starts from when the matter is extracted to produce, and until the final product, where all the transformation phases can be reindustrialized.

“The circular economy must be the objective of all companies. At ATP we rely on reducing, reusing and recycling. Waste is raw material, with that concept we have created the ecological parts, it is an innovative model in Colombia, where we already have 4 industrial ecological parks, ”added engineer Pérez, CEO of ATP.

Relationship and connectivity

For Fernanda Mejías, an engineer at ATP Engineering, the meeting meant “strategic” importance for data collection and possible future alliances. Iván Gómez, of the Colgas company dedicated to energy solutions, said that “we have met with clients from the oil industry, and we find a special focus on ATP, where we can start next alliances,” he said.

The activity, held at the facilities of the NH Hotel in Bogotá, was attended by representatives of the national government, and figures such as the engineer German Espinosa, executive president of CAMPETROL; engineer Carlos Leal, president of ACIPET; engineer Alex Martínez, general manager of operations in Colombia for ConocoPhillips; entrepreneurs from different national and international firms, brands allied to the Club, as well as members and special guests, who held the first meeting to make contacts and “open the seed for future alliances.”

A moment of the night was destined to honor the presence of the attendees, so brands allied to the Energy Club offered interesting promotional details, such as the travel agency “Escappy Travel” that gave a package with international destination; the “San Andrés Golf Club” that delivered VIP and full day passes to enjoy its facilities.

The next edition of the Energy Club is projected in order to highlight the role of women in the national energy industry, and strengthen female integration in the related guild. For more information you can send a message to [email protected].

Next, we share a brief photographic tour of the night:

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