The Energy Transition in Colombia, challenges and opportunities for the implementation of Renewable Energies

More than 600 experts from the renewable energy sector will meet in Barranquilla to discuss the progress of the energy transition, with the incorporation of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Sources -FNCER in the country

Bogotá DC– On March 12 and 13, the main experts of the renewable energy sector meet in Barranquilla, in order to analyze the challenges that the implementation of the FNCER will bring in the country, at the 4th International Meeting of Renewable Energies , organized by Ser Colombia and the World Energy Council Colombia (WEC Colombia).

The event that brings together more than 600 participants from the renewable energy sector, from the most important companies that now have a presence in Colombia, has as main objective to analyze the path towards the energy transition that the country will face in the next 2 years, during the implementation of renewable energies.

“The entry of renewable energy into the country’s energy matrix puts us in the magnifying glass of investors, but above all it allows us to have the peace of mind that we will have a much more robust, reliable, safe and clean system. We have challenges in which we must work in regulatory, technical and social matters, which will be part of the analysis that we will do in this Meeting, which will allow us to gather the main experiences to achieve an orderly energy transition ”said Germán Corredor, executive director of Ser Colombia.

This type of space is a sample of Colombia’s energy transition, this being an issue on the national agenda, although there are challenges, the progress has been significant, especially the development of renewable energy projects.

Advances in the regulatory framework and greater inclusion of companies and users “confirms once again that adequate steps are being taken towards an effective energy transition, which is a path that will guarantee the energy of the future,” said the president of the World Council of Energy Colombia, José Antonio Vargas Lleras.

Challenges of the transition in Colombia

Part of the Meeting’s agenda is to know the experiences of other countries in the global energy transition, the approach in Latin America, and the advances in Colombia. Likewise, the vision and challenges of the government for the construction of wind projects in La Guajira will be analyzed, a fundamental issue since most of the projects that will enter into operation are wind.

On the other hand, issues such as: The barriers and opportunities of long-term contracting auctions, actions and challenges in environmental and social licensing for the development of projects, regulation and planning of connection of the projects are also contemplated. projects, advances in the study of complementary services and analysis of the vision of the system operator in relation to shared assets, and the financing mechanisms that exist for the FNCER.

Government entities such as CREG and the SSPD will present the regulator’s vision on the incorporation of FNCER and the electricity market monitoring scheme applied to the FNCER.

Finally, we will have the participation of international experts to learn about the synergies between storage and FNCER, experiences on the construction of wind farms, and the presentation of hydrogen as one of the frontiers of the energy transition.

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