Ecopetrol measures its expenses and takes actions against Covid_19

Bogotá.- The Colombian Oil Company, Ecopetrol announced through a press release, a series of measures to “maintain profitability in the short term, and sustainability in the medium and long term, through cost efficiency and strict capital discipline ”; actions that will be active in phases in view of the evolution and stability of the market.

The restrictions range from: exhaustive review of investment and social agreements, except those associated with health; budgets will be measured as necessary; the workers plant is kept frozen; trainings must be those already planned and that justify the organization’s productivity; space rental will be carried out only if the company’s facilities do not meet physical requirements.

Regarding culture and communications, everything related to public relations, advertising, sponsorships, well-being and culture has been suspended. While consultancies, provision of services and negotiation of activities, are restricted to those “necessary to continue guaranteeing the operation”. The new entry of professionals has been suspended, while the purchase of materials or spare parts is authorized “when there is availability or substitutes in the warehouses of Ecopetrol or its subsidiaries.”

Physical restrictions to stop coronavirus

Through its twitter account, the state oil company reported the restriction on its operating fields, whether by land or air, with the only exception of entry to personnel “strictly necessary to guarantee operations.” In this way, Ecopetrol suspends visitor access to the facilities, “except in exceptional cases”.

In this sense, the oil company designed schedules to reduce the number of workers with physical presence in said facilities; For this, measures were applied in the administrative area, with the option of working from home, as a preventive measure to stop the proliferation of Covid-19, or coronavirus.

Source: Ecopetrol

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