SPE Colombia Section has already activated the WIN 2020 Committee

Bogotá.- The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Colombia section, better known as the SPE Colombia Section, recently held in Bogotá the formation of the new Woman in Energy (WIN) committee for 2020, with the aim of working to highlight and make visible the human image of the industry, as well as the management of women.

The Committee is made up of women who live in different areas of the Colombian energy sector, which makes the union nourished by including professionals from different disciplines in the group.

One of the purposes of this union, which meets voluntarily, is to organize activate the distribution of different educational programs, socialize information in communities influenced by the oil sector and generating a positive impact on energy management; promote movement between universities and companies in the sector so that the student has a brief professional experience; constantly innovate and generate ideas that provide value to the hydrocarbon industry in the country, in an opportunity to make visible the work of women in the energy industry.

Despite the situation that the nations are going through, these women’s groups will not cease their operations with SPE Colombia Section, and the committee meetings will be held in person, when possible, and meanwhile they will meet via digital.

To learn more about its activities, you can follow the networks of this network in the country.

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