Natural Gas Industry guarantees continuity and quality of service

Bogotá.- After an extraordinary meeting with the Board of Directors of the Colombian Association of Natural Gas, the producing, transporting and distributing companies promised to take all the necessary measures to guarantee the service of natural gas in homes, businesses, industries and generators. of energy.

The close to 9.9 million users, including families and close to 1,500 dedicated heavy vehicles (buses, Transmilenio articulators, dumpers and tractor trucks), can have the peace of mind of having the necessary fuel.

The entire natural gas chain is prepared to face this health crisis and will be working to supply current demand in conditions of continuity and quality, complying with the recommendations of the Presidency of the Republic and the Superintendency of Public Services,” said Orlando Cabrales Segovia, president of Naturgas.

Naturgas works hand in hand with the national government to allow natural gas companies to move their personnel without restriction to attend emergencies and make the required revisions and installations. Also so that the vehicles that transport natural gas are exempt from the curfews in all the cities of the country, and that the service stations can operate without limitations.

Regarding natural gas rates, the industry and the national government are reviewing regulatory options to mitigate the impact of the peso devaluation on the rate, taking into account that natural gas at the wellhead, as well as transportation, is tied at the price of the dollar and this causes a variation.

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