Schneider Electric presented an innovative and sustainable proposal to the Colombian market Easyline

Schneider Electric presented an innovative and sustainable proposal to the Colombian market Easyline

More than 750 professionals, including electricians, engineers, system integrators, distributors, panelists and end users connected virtually for three consecutive days at the launch of Easyline, the new product range from Schneider Electric, a complete offering with easy-to-use solutions. select and install, which guarantee high performance and with the reliability, safety and sustainability that characterizes the company.

“On August 18, 19 and 20, we presented our range of products and solutions with innovative and robust technology designed for the essential and easy to apply for the construction sector, small and medium-sized industry, retail and residential sectors, among others. Easyline has intuitive and easy-to-use products, but above all ready to operate in the most demanding environments. At the event, those present, in addition to knowing the product portfolio, were able to attend the different talks and learn about the news that we are preparing for the different industries, ”said Natalia Rojas, Schneider Electric Control and Signaling Product Manager for the Andean Cluster.

Efficient products designed for essential needs

With a mechanical durability of 1.5 million operations, the Harmony XA2E offer presents a wide range of pushbuttons that function as pushbuttons, selectors and emergency stops and their main applications are in elevation, control panels, cranes and distribution boards.

Regarding low voltage protections, the fixed and adjustable thermomagnetic switches of open frame and molded case were presented in protection ranges from 16 to 4000 amps. These products provide distribution systems with all levels of protection against overloads, short circuits, and ground fault faults. Here are the EasyPact MVS, EasyPact CVS & EZC ranges, which are designed to work together to ensure reliability.

As for recessed panels and ground bars, we find Easy 9, a complete line of thermal magnetic and differential switches for commercial and residential applications that is easy to implement, reliable and sustainable. All of these highly reliable performance products are certified to IEC 608998, which guarantees quality, safety and reliability.

Under these same characteristics, we find the Easy ABL2 solution for reliable and cost-effective switching power supplies for your automation systems that allow you to reduce the risk of short circuits, eliminate electrical hazards with the plastic protective cover of the terminal row, in addition to this Helps decrease downtime with reliable performance.

Easy to select and install, EasyPact TVS is the most flexible range of control products on the market, with high performance and capabilities to meet multiple needs. This line has contactors, protection relays and motor guards.

To guarantee the maximum performance and optimal functionality of the processes, the company presented Altivar Easy ATV 310, a general purpose equipment suitable for a large number of common market applications, such as pumps, fans, textile machinery and packaging. It is available from 0.5 horsepower to 15 horsepower in the voltage range of 380 volts to 460 volts.

When it comes to power supplies, Schneider Electric made Easy UPS, power backup equipment and low power instruction available to users for the home, office, data center and industry. Devices with the capacity to connect various equipment and with backup time in the event of power outages or unstable conditions. And to complement this line, Easy Rack PDU is a solution with an ultralight design, easy to install and maintain.

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